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When You Need a Way to Deal with This Angry World

She’s twirling around in ballet shoes and that twice-patched princess dress that is still holding on while the music belts out from the computer. Like this dance is her act of worship for her Maker.

And I wonder how many little girls start this way, dancing with deep joy and innocent abandon, only to end up being used and abused women? How many little girls grow up in homes being so loved and cared for and yet get ripped apart by the world? How many other girls don’t even get that starting chance, that home that is safe, and warm and loving?

The news is at a fever pitch these days with a man who is just one of the many to see a woman only for the sum of her looks, who has lusted and craved and taken what is not rightfully his. It’s another death to innocence.

There’s also a woman who stakes her reputation on being an advocate for women and children but thinks it’s perfectly reasonable to kill a babe seconds before it’s ready to break into this big wide world. She herself is married to a man who has also lusted and craved and used power to get what is not rightfully his.

Yeah, and the kicker?  They’re both clawing to be President of this country.





It’s a fine mess we’re in. And I just keep watching First-Girl twirl, thinking that innocence is bliss and how little she knows about the world and how much I wish I could keep it that way.

Outside these four walls, it’s seems like the world is imploding and to open my computer is to let that frenzy in. Because these days, it just sounds like a bunch of yelling back and forth to try to distract from the glaring holes on either side

Perhaps, to also distract from the glaring holes in our souls.

It’s raw pain being stirred up as wounds are ripped open – wounds of sexual abuse, of participating in the deaths of their pre-born, of frayed marriages and the reminder that we are oh so very flawed.

And maybe the problem is that we’re looking to a person to be a savior and it’s getting quite obvious that no person ever will be that.

Maybe that’s the point. Or at least a point in this whole mess. A sharp reminder from Abba that those who are looking to a man or a woman to “fix” things are sure to be let down.

What this world does not need it another flawed and flaring leader, though we could certainly use some good men and women.

What we’re in desperate need of are people who drip Jesus while the world is going insane.

People who step away from the news feeds and start sitting quiet with their own thoughts.

People who stop using article missiles as their best weapon and instead put hands and feet to their words.

Because Black Lives Matter, and Women’s Safety Matters and Respect Matters and so does the right to protect oneself, to voice your opinion, to be heard and more importantly, to listen.

But how many people get bold over and knocked right when they read the angry words on the screen? How many opinions have been changed by harsh judgements splayed across the page?

None. No one. Ever.

And that Carpenter Man, he came when all of Israel was looking for a Savior, desperate for someone to give them some relief from those ruthless Romans. Yeah, they’re just waiting for that man who they’re sure is going to come and set everything straight.

And He comes. And they completely miss it. In fact, they kill their anticipated Messiah.

You can be so fixated on how you think salvation will arrive, that you completely miss God-in-the-flesh.

You’re looking for the fire-and-brimstone kind of show, not noticing the baby born to a teen mom.

And you’re screaming so loud for justice that you don’t notice when the Great Judge moves heaven and earth to set things right, forever.

First-Girl’s little voice catches the tune of that song of praise playing and I think that maybe the answer is in that.

More worship, less worry. More songs of joy and hearts of gratitude instead of shouts of anger and bitterness. More dancing for our Abba so that we can be a people who invite others into the wedding feast with our worship.



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