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Here’s to Moms

Of all the titles I’ve had, the most meaningful one is by far, “Mama.”

It has also been the hardest, the one that has required the deepest levels of sacrifice and self denial, challenging me to stretch and grow or risk shattering.

But oh, it is also FUN. The days are saturated with joy, with a level of delight I didn’t know before children, with so many catch-in-your-throat moments as Heaven kisses the ordinary in my day.

Our society tries desperately to diminish motherhood at every turn, like it’s the fall back plan for those who can’t hack it anywhere else.

It tells us there’s nothing special about being a woman – even a man can be one – but then reverses quickly to tell us the lie that motherhood is an albatros only the wealthy and wanted can afford.

But ask the woman grieving today with empty arms and unmet dreams what motherhood means.

Ask the grown adult who lost their mama young or whose mama never loved well what motherhood means.

Mamas, whether from womb or heart, we’re the backbone of every successful culture. We’re the champions of children who grow up to lead, the shapers of nations through our kitchens and bedtime chats.

Praying today for you to be strong of heart, tender in discipline, and clear in conviction, for the future depends upon it.

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