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The Road

“Father, we have been on this path for a little while now and it seems very straight and the trees all look the same. Perhaps we should go explore the woods and see more interesting things?”

“The woods are indeed full of many interesting things, little one, but it is easy to wander very deep into the woods and many get lost and cannot find their way back to the road.”

“Father, if they cannot find the road how will they get home?”

“It is very difficult and when night comes there are many dangerous things that prowl the woods looking for lost travelers.”

“But will the road be boring, Father?”

“No, little one. The road may seem straight now and the trees too familiar, but look, you cannot see beyond the bend ahead.”

“What’s beyond the bend, Father?”

“The road leads to countless peaks and valleys. Some so low you will think you’ve sunk to the very depths of the oceans, others so high you will think you’ve touched Heaven. The twists and turns will tire both your body and mind, but on the road every sunset and sunrise will hit the horizon before you and set a golden glow on your path that will set a fire to your soul and put a song on your heart.”

“That doesn’t sound boring at all.”

“No it doesn’t, little one!”

“And will it take us back home, Father?”

“Yes, little one, the very last turn of the road takes you up a very large mountain and at the very top you will look back and see all the forests in all the world stretched out behind you and you will understand you have seen far more interesting and wonderful things on the road than a hundred lifetimes spent wandering in the shade of the woods. Then the last bit of the journey is a gentle slope that leads right to the front door of our home. Smoke from a fire eases from the chimney and loved ones wait inside, ready to share a warm meal.”

“Let’s take the road, Father.”

“I agree, little one.”


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