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The Economics of Sex [Video]

Every once in a while I come across something on the Internet that is just brilliant, that doesn’t involve babies laughing or cats playing the piano.

This one is from the Austin Institute and gives us a great visual of a message that would normally seem a total bore:

The Economics of Sex.

About the only thing I remember from a mind-numbing semester of Econ in college was Supply and Demand. Where there’s limited supply to meet a great demand, the price of the good goes up. An excessive supply drives down the cost of the good, making it harder for those wanting to sell at a premium to make it in the market.

Now imagine applying that concept to sex. With cool sketches.

The effect: Jaw dropping. And thought provoking.

For some, this may be a tough pill to swallow. There is a lot to digest here, and plenty of it debatable.

GOOD. That’s the point.

Watch the video and then let’s have a rousing (yet respectful) discussion in the comments.


Here are some of the gems that stood out to me:

Women have something of value that men want. How much it will cost a man varies widely, from a few drinks to marriage.

Sex is not entirely a private matter between two consenting adults.

Men know that sex is cheap these days if they know where to look

Women vastly outnumber men, which means men … can maximize their rewards with minimal imput.

My favorite:

In reality, men tend to behave as well or as poorly as the women in their lives will permit.

Women working together would be the most rational way to raise the market value of sex.

What stood out to you the most from this video?

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