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Sabotaged Love Lives and the Huffington Post

This week I’m writing over at the Huffington Post on love lives, soul mates and disappointment.

Here’s a little taste of the article that I co-authored with the talented Ashley Crouch, entitled “How Disney Sabotaged Our Love Lives.”

From childhood favorites such as Snow White to adult rom-com staples such as How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days or Sleepless in Seattle, the media perpetuates a romantic storyline in which compatibility and lasting romance is something effortless, built on chance, sustained by good looks, fun dates and electric sexual chemistry. These story lines shape our expectations for romantic happiness. It is not enough to find someone with whom we are mostly compatible, who would make a good parent, with whom we could learn and grow wrinkly; now, we expect a perfect fit and an easy, instantaneous “connection.” In short, we want a soul mate. But it is this desire for a soul mate that is actually the undoing of our happy ending.

To read the rest of the article, click here.

Do you think soul mates are a real thing or is there a different way we should be approaching our search for love?

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