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Pornography….and Hope?

When I wrote my response to the question of whether or not there’s anything harmful about pornography (Pornography Exposed), I expected that to be it. I’ll come back to the topic in the future, but there’s only so much porn you can handle at one time.

Then I got this email from a reader:

“I happened to read your articles about porn and totally agree with you.”

Why thank you.

“I think you should do another one saying that the problem can be overcome. There are a lot of decent guys out there who probably aren’t happy using it but have got into bad habits and would like to stop and probably think they can’t or that it’s too late.”

Oh. Yes. You’re absolutely right.

I missed a key aspect of the whole discussion.

There are people, lots of people from all walks off life, both male and female, who are daily struggling with an addiction to porn. They know how it’s affecting their thought life, their perception of people and their relationships, but try as they might, they just can’t seem to stop.

Pornography has dug its claws in so deeply that they can’t see how it could possibly removed from their lives without tearing them apart.

What this reader reminded me is that these people (and really, all of us) need to be reminded of Hope. And Grace.

Hope that…

  • No matter what you are struggling with, you can overcome it and be set free.

  • Where there is pain and brokenness, there can one day be healing
    and wholeness.

  • The dark secrets you hide can be brought to light, and people will still love and embrace you..

Grace that means…

  • The decisions of yesterday do not have to define who we are today.

  • No matter how many times we will stumble in an area, we can rise again.

  • Even the most shocking corners of our soul can be redeemed.

If you are one of the many men and women who are struggling with pornography, may I encourage you that it is never too late to get help and stop.

It is never too late.

But it will take work. Hard, painful work that will require every ounce of perseverance. Sometimes you will stumble. We all do. But that does not mean you have been defeated.

You’ll need accountability, people who you will be honest with and who have permission to ask the hard, probing questions. You will need to decide that you have had enough, that no matter how difficult the process, it is worth what you will gain in the end.


I recommend checking out for some great resources to get you started. You’ll find a community of people from all walks of life, fighting, and winning the same battle.

For all of my readers, I recommend you check out It’s a must-see site for parents and those working with young adults, but helpful for everyone as this issue continues to permeate our culture.

To the reader who sent me the email: Thank you for reminding me that no matter how tough the topic or painful the conversation, we need to be reminded of hope.

Photo courtesy of Sean MacEntee via flickr.

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