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Judas Missed It. Don’t You Forget It.

First Girl asks me at breakfast, why would Jesus pick Judas if he knew he’d be a thief and a traitor?

And why didn’t Judas go back to Jesus when it was all said and done, asking for forgiveness?

Truth be told, I’ve never thought through that first question in my life. And that second question? It probably hits too close to home for too many of us.

I’m no theologian but my gut guess is Jesus extended an invite to Judas just like he does to all of us, through all history. 

“I choose you. Even though I know what your darkest moments will be. I still choose you. Even though you’ll betray me to death, I choose you.

And then He gently asks: Will you choose me?

Some of us say yes. Some say no. But all of us, no matter our answer, is the reason He ended up hanging on that Cross. Our sin, our betrayal, our ugly broken selves drove those nails two thousand years ago.

We put Him there. But what kept Him there was His love. Love that saw into the future betrayals and stumbles and denials and rejections and still chose to stay so that we’d even have the choice to accept or reject Him.

Maybe Judas didn’t go back to Jesus after those thirty pieces of blood money seared a hole in his conscience because he didn’t know what we know now.

Judas didn’t know Sunday was coming.

He didn’t know his betrayal of the Savior Thursday night was the key to his salvation on Sunday.

He didn’t know his guilt Friday was about to be redeemed that Sunday.

He didn’t know his shame could be turned into joy three days later.

That devil, he whispers the same lie to you and me that drove Judas hanging mad. “Your sin, it’s too great, too ugly, too big. You’ve betrayed the Son of God and you’ll never be forgiven.”

Jesus chose a traitor to join his team, knowing just what Judas was about. But He also knew his death would ultimately redeem that lost and broken man, if only the man would say yes. 

Two thousand plus years later, nothing has changed.

You and me, we’re called by Name and The Invite is extended, even though we will betray. And yet still he calls us.

When we stumble, will we be like Judas and believe the lie that our sin is too great? Or will we hear the Truth that there is Grace enough for even the greatest fall?

You, my friend, have been called. You are known. And there is a Savior ready to wash not just your feet, but your whole heart. So be encouraged.

The world went dark on a Friday. But Sunday is coming.

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