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Fear: What’s a Christian to do?

What. A. Summer.

News of late (that could mean 2 weeks or 18 months, with the way things are going) has had something for everyone.

Wars? Check.

Natural Disasters? Check.

Assassinations? Political unrest? Threat of job loss? Check, check, check.

There is much to fear in this world. And yet…..we are told over and over again in God’s word “Do Not Fear.” How many times? You’ll have to click play on the video below to find out. 😏

A wild and beautiful faith is not lived out by cowering in our homes or bending under the weight of injustice. These are trying days and yet…..these can also be miracle days.

Let’s you and me choose FAITH over fear today, shall we?

Let us model HOPE in a God who is more powerful than the evil that presses in.

And let us pour out LOVE on an aching world.

Joanna x

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