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Duck Dynasty, Comedians, and Words
 Photo via GQ website
Photo via GQ website

Dominating the headlines last week was the controversy surrounding Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson’s interview with GQ magazine and the subsequent action of A&E to ban him from the show.

Everyone with an internet connection or access to a news station seems to have weighed in, so rather than fill your box with more words on the topic, here’s a round-up of my top picks:

From the Other Side of the Issue:

Openly gay feminist Camille Paglia weighs in. It’s not what you’d expect.

Click Here to read her interview

To make you laugh:

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart give their take. This link gives you text AND video. You’re welcome.

Click Here for more.

To make you think:

I’m a huge fan of Ann Voskamp and anything she writes. She looks at the issue and then goes one step further, tying in what also happened to Justine Sacco this week.

Click Here for her words.

There are about 2.5 million other responses out there on this so if you read a particularly good one, please feel free to share below in the comments.

Have a wonderful week and a Merry Christmas!

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