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9/11: Never Forget

Today is 9/11.

It has been 11 years since:

Two planes crashed into the World Trade Centers,

One plane crashed into the Pentagon,

One plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania, and

2, 792 people died.

Until that day, we didn’t know most of their names. They weren’t celebrities, they hadn’t started social movements, didn’t have buildings bearing their name, or found a cure to cancer. They weren’t heads of state, leaders of religious movements or best-selling authors.

But every day, they were making a difference in the lives of the people who knew them. Every day they were impacting their corner of the world, in more ways than they ever realized.

Today, as you go about your job, respond to emails, return phone calls and do the dozens of other seemingly mundane tasks that make up a day, try to keep things in perspective. It’s not about how many people ‘Like’ you or ‘Follow’ you that makes the biggest impact. It’s in your relationships, one-on-one conversations and those unexpected moments where your life intersects with someone else’s.

Be present today, in whatever you’re doing and whomever you are with.

You never know if that could be the moment that changes everything.

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