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“31 Days to Great Sex” Book Give-Away

31 Days to Great Sex

Have I got a treat for you!

Today I get to highlight an e-book recently published by a fellow writer and speaker, Sheila Gregoire, “31 Days to Great Sex.” I also get to give away not one, but two free copies. I find it fitting that the first giveaway on this blog is a book about sex. More importantly, how to have GREAT sex.

I have a thing about marriage. And sex. I think both are amazing. And I think they each make the other better. Try to have only one without the other and it’s like trying to have cake without frosting. Or frosting with no cake. That might sound good for a little while, but you’re missing out on cake at it’s best.

Same thing with marriage and sex: to enjoy the best of each requires enjoying them mutually, not exclusively.

There’s a lot of focus in our culture on sex and sexuality. Yet the majority of it focuses on sex that happens outside of marriage, whether it’s before or in the context of an affair. Mainstream culture doesn’t usually emphasize great sex in marriage, how to spice up that relationship, and keep thing steamy after 5, 15, or even 40 years.

Which is why I’m excited to share Sheila’s book, “31 Days to Great Sex.”

Written specifically for married couples, her book walks you through the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspect of sex, working through issues that may be holding you back from experiencing great sex. It has ideas for spicing up your sex life and each day has a practical application that ensures you’ll put into practice what you’re reading. It’s straightforward and holds nothing back in its discussion, which is why I find it so refreshing.

If you’ve just gotten married, have been married for years, or know someone who is married, this a great book to get. Especially if your sex life is not everything you would want it to be. Let’s be honest, that’s most of us at some point or another.

I guarantee you’ll take away at least one or two new ideas for improving your sex life with your spouse. And for $4.99, how could you not want to invest that into your marriage or the marriage of someone else?

With December just around the corner, this is a great chance to start this challenge on the 1st and end the year with a bang!

Win a free copy!

I’ve got two copies to give away of Sheila’s 31 Days to Great Sex. But don’t worry–if you’ve already bought it, or you buy it now, and you win, Sheila will send you a copy of her book The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex instead (and that’s worth more!).

Ways to enter the competition (the more you do, the more chances you get to win):

  1. Leave a comment below about why you think sex is important for marriage, how we can encourage better sex in marriage, or why you think sex can suffer in marriages.
  2. Tweet this post and give-away to your followers, then come back here and comment that you Tweeted. I trust you to tell the truth.
  3. Share on Facebook about this post and give-away and then come back here to comment that you did so. Honor system applies here again.

Remember, you can still buy the book now, enter the drawing, and then either get The Good Girl’s Guide to Sex, or an extra copy to give away if you win!

The drawing will end at midnight on Wednesday November 28th.

Congratulations to our two winners, Dena Johns and Deanna. Enjoy the book!

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