When You Need A Little Encouragement To Keep Going As A Mom

Since having our daughter, my husband has watched me wrestle with the struggle of being a mom and yet feeling like I should do 'more.' This Mother's Day he wrote me a beautiful poem that I wanted to share with other Christian Mothers in the hopes that it encourages and fuels us to continue the hard but holy work of raising souls. 



I am a Christian.

I am a Mother.

I am a Christian Mother.


I live in a culture that says I should do more, be more.

I hear you loud and clear when you ask what it is that I do.

I see the way you look at me when I say I am just a mother.

I am even convinced I should do more, be more.


The problem is,

I just don’t have the time.

I am up at dawn to prepare for the day before my little ones rise.

I am making breakfast, brushing teeth, dressing squirming bodies, driving to play dates, park dates, story times, community groups, doctors, dentists, grocery stores.

I am putting children down for nap, making lunch, mending clothes, doing laundry, making dinner, I am wiping tears, teaching prayers, singing songs, reading books, giving hugs and kisses, building confidence, putting on band aids, disciplining, saying “no”, saying “yes”, saying “great job,” saying “it’s okay,” saying “tomorrow will be better,” saying “I love you.”

With my remaining moments I am prepping tomorrow’s meals, making a to-do list, reconnecting with my husband. I have a half moment to text or call a friend and, if I’m lucky, I have a moment to drink a tea that has not gone cold or read a chapter of a book before falling asleep so that I will have the energy to rise and do it all once again.

You say,

Get someone to help. Hire a Nanny.

Go to work. Pursue your dreams.

Another salary, even a part time job, could mean a dream vacation, a newer car, a bigger house.


Hiring someone is not the issue.

I am a Christian Mother.

While you are thinking of your morning staff meeting,

I am praying for wisdom in the responsibility of raising the lives placed in my trust.

While you are on conference calls with clients and sending emails,

I am striving to impart the virtues of love, patience, and kindness to fragile new souls.

While you are taking business lunches, shaking hands, making deals,

I am building the foundations of faith, confidence, and discipline.

While you are congratulating the team on hitting the deadline,

I am applauding first words, first steps, first prayers, and all the things that follow.

While you are working late, bringing home take out, finding the babysitter,

I am the nagging voice that brings everyone to the table every night because I believe that communication, conversation, time with family is too important to miss.

While you are busy at work, pursuing your dreams, taking that vacation, buying that new car, moving into that bigger house,

I have been doing my best to be an immovable rock in the tumultuous waves of growing bodies, developing minds, and blossoming souls.


Most importantly,

I have been busy serving the King of the Universe.

I wish that I could do more, be more.

Maybe when my children are older, when they know right from wrong, when they are sure of who they are or who they want to be. When I know I have taught them all there is to know about faith, love, kindness, and hope. When I am certain they are modeling Christ for others, maybe there will be time.

But for now,

 I am just too busy.

I am a Christian Mother.


-Andrew Hyatt, 2015. ©