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Where Russell Brand Gets It Right and I Want To Cheer

It’s not often that Hollywood and I are on the same page when it comes to our attitudes about sex. And even rarer that I would wholeheartedly agree with Russell Brand, the actor and comedian who has made a reputation of a man with a ravenous and unbridled sexual appetite.

This week, though, I am applauding and cheering on Brand for his latest statements on sex. The video below are his thoughts on the affect of pornography and erotica on our individual sexuality, as well as our cultural attitudes. I could not agree more. By the time the video gets to 7:30 I wanted to start applauding. I may have cheered a little at the end.

I encourage you to watch it and share this with your friends. When Hollywood (or anyone, for that matter) is willing to boldly speak truth, we should be the first to encourage them in that moment.


What in this video resonates with you and what might have been shocking?

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