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Summer is one of my favorite times of the year with my kids. Right up there with Christmas season and all the cozyness of Fall. (Guess we know which season I’m least partial to…)

Every day feels like an adventure (with five kids, even a trip to Costco is an adventure so the bar isn’t high here). I’m able to focus a bit more on helping each individual child grow in different skills and we have the space for those critical conversations that are part of growing up.

But that only happens if we have a schedule. 

I know, sounds FUN. But truly, a bit of structure and your summer can be both fun and purposeful. 

That’s why I created this Summer Success Plan. This schedule helps us ensure we stay on track with what we have to do (laundry), while still getting to what we want to do (blueberry picking! The pool!)

And we do it all with minimal to no screen time. Whaaaat??

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  •  Our sample schedule, from wake-up to bedtime, with tips for each time block
  • A blank template that you can customize
  • A PDF to help you plan out intentional convos with your kids


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