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Young Adults

Friends, dating, marriage, singleness, sex, sexuality, interactions with the opposite sex, the same sex, no sex: it’s safe to say that comprises about 95% of what we talk about, think about, and obsess about. Navigating it all begins with open and honest conversations where we’re free to ask the hard questions, to admit our fears, and confess our flaws. 

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Talking with your kids about dating, relationships, and sex is probably not on your Bucket List. But it should be on the top of your Must Do list! Here you’ll find resources to help you effectively tackle these topics, get practical tools that you can implement at any stage with your kids, and learn how to take some of the awkwardness out of the talk. You might even find yourself enjoying it.

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Public speaking, on the topic of sex and dating no less, would be most people’s nightmare. But for me, that’s one of the highlights of my day! Whether it be with thousands of teens, or a small group of leaders, my aim is to bring a fresh perspective to an old topic in a way that is fun, engaging and informative, tailored to fit your particular event needs.

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