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Book List 2014

January is nearly spent, but so long as it is still the first month, I can squeeze in one more post about last year, New Year, and goals. In this case, it’s my yearly Book List post. This is my third year doing this, and if you’re curious about it’s inception, read Book List 2012.

Looking back at what I actually picked up and finished is a telling indicator of what my year was comprised of and what I found interesting. Historical and non-fiction still top the list (they probably always will). There are a surprising (embarrassing?) number of novels that tell me I wasn’t up for much hard reading this year. But then it may have also been all the late nights with a toddler and flying around the country that had me grabbing for some light reading. As long as Twilight never makes the list, we’re ok.

If you can only add a few books to your list, check out the Non-Fiction Issue Specific section. Every single one of those was eye-opening, thought provoking and some of the best books I read in 2014.

Non Fiction Historical /Memoir

Non-Fiction Issue Specific



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What did you read last year that you would recommend I put on my list for 2015?

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